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Travel Radar is global travel deal finder specialized in finding cheap flights & hotel deals. We also provide Global Tourism Guides.

 Save Money by Comparing Hundreds of Airlines and TOP Booking websites at Once on Travel Radar .com

Find the cheapest flights anywhere with Travel Radar .com! We search hundreds of Airlines and compare prices for thousands of destinations to find you the cheapest flights to wherever you want to go. Travel Radar .com is simple and free to use! Compare low-cost flights then book your airline tickets directly by clicking through to agency and airline sites.

Travelradar also provides accurate travel guides designed to inspire global travelers. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, travel stories, travel guides for adventurous travelers, it also includes Global Tourism News.

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We are a well skilled team of software engineers and travel specialists in Travel Radar company that work tirelessly to make Travel Radar .com one of the best Travel Search Engines to find lowest rates & prices for your travel needs. Travelradar .com will always work to find and deliver the cheapest possible rates. Travelradar .com will always show all-in pricing, no hidden fees, no extra charges.

Travel Radar’s Vision

To connect people to life-enriching travel experiences.

Travel Radar’s journey started with the mission of making your travels easier wherever you are and wherever you are going. Planning and booking your trip should be —

— simple. Let’s face it, booking your air travel or vacation isn’t easy and can be quite confusing, as you’re searching through hundreds of cheap flight , Hotels and vacation package offers thrown at your feet by the multitude of airlines and travel agencies competing for your wallet. You’re often left with the feeling that there may have been a cheaper way to get from point A to point B. Well, we’ve been there ourselves and we had our own troublesome experiences with choosing the right travel deal, so we decided to make things a bit easier for ourselves and for you. Travelradar wants to show all flight options in one place, creating a simple alternative to the confusing sites that make travel feel like hard work, thus you can compare and find the cheapest solution for your travel needs.

Our Mission

To be the online marketplace for travel.

Travel Radar works with the world’s most inspiring travel brands and tourism organizations to deliver impactful solutions. Travelradar .com is one of the largest online travel meta-search engines in North America for flights and hotels from all over the world. Travelradar .com allow users to compare offerings from hundreds of airlineshotels and online travel providers to get the best travel deals and track down Airlines special offers, and book the cheapest tickets available.

Travelradar .com meta-search engine makes finding the best-priced hotels and flights online easy. Use our various tools to access the greatest selection of flights and hotels online. Find the cheapest flights flying from any of the thousands of commercial airports worldwide. We help you search airlines and other travel providers to find cheap flights and hotels but we don’t take bookings or payments ourselves. Instead, we pass you through to your chosen travel provider and you make your booking directly with them on their website. 

Travelradar .com has an objective look on Flights & Hotels’ prices. It means that you can use our service to find the lowest prices and Airlines special offers on the web with no additional Fees or Mark-ups.

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No need to search anywhere else. The biggest names in travel are right here with Cheap Flights and Hotels Discounts.

Our Team Members

Travel Radar’s team members come from global online travel agencies and leading Flight and Hotel search engines. We gather together because all of us admin-ajax.php you getting the best Travel experience with no awkward moments.

Travel Radar ™® is the product of Zendegi Travel Technology Group. We are a recognized leader in providing innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions and partnering with customers to leverage technology in today’s world.

Doesn’t matter which destination you choose for your next expedition, Travel Radar .com is here to assist and ensure you get the best cheapest travel deals worldwide. Travel Radar .com Searches over 1000 Travel Agencies & Airlines worldwide to help you find the Cheapest Flights and Hotels Deals on the web with the same quality as the more expensive ones.

Travel Radar Strategic Team Members

Travelradar ‘s Team members that provide the strategic direction to propel the organization forward.

Ali B.

CEO & Developer

Ramin M.

Back – End Developer & Senior Security Engineer

David C T.

Back – End Developer Engineer / Flight Search Developer

Linda B.

Travel Consultant , Content Writer, Media Strategist

Travel Radar delivers complete set of products and services required for enabling smooth operation of your business processes including, IT consulting, enterprise applications, automatic identification and data collection, and diversified custom business solutions. If you have a travel company and are looking for an easy pathway to your online presence.


The majority of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online, with self-serve information, direct from vendors. In today’s crowded B2B marketplace, buyers demand an intuitive, user friendly shopping experience mirroring elements of a B2C marketplace. Here at Travelradar GDS, we can help you create an outstanding B2B experience that exceeds customers’ expectations and stand out amongst your competitors. All-in-one system that allows you to control your business network, to extend and diversify your sales channels and maximize performance of your travel business.

Travelradar Software Provides Travel XML API Integration For Travel Companies

In this way our customer can benefit from the inventories and other travel XML API services provided by the third party, by having a quick and easy XML API integration. Extend your customers’ choices to flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, car XML API booking and many more with access to both GDS and external content with our XML integration services. Increase your revenues and enable cross-selling with full content, mark-ups, negotiated fares, packaging features, service fees, agency defined air fare promotions, as well as optimizing and ranking possibilities to make the most out of search engines. No need for you to make expensive investments in bespoke software developments with various providers as Third party XML API can be easily integrated to your existing system. This solution will be reliable and scalable to support your online business strategy.

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