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Hotels , Hotel Deals And Discounts

Hotel s provide accommodation, usually in private rooms, ranging from simple beds in a small room, to luxury suites with round-the-clock staff, priced accordingly.

Booking a room

Booking A Room

In most cases, hotel rooms are booked, or reserved, in advance, so that a room will be held by the hotel awaiting the arrival of a specific guest Hotel Deals and Discounts. Rooms at hotels can also be rented by simply walking in and inquiring at the front desk, but this may be met with a decline as the hotel may be fully booked for the night.

Room rates Hotel Deals & Discounts

Hotel Room Rates

The price paid for staying at the hotel is generally determined by the room rate, i.e. the rate paid for staying each night spent in the room. In general, room rates reflect the wealth of the hotel’s location.

Hotels usually have a standard rate quoted at the front desk and displayed prominently in the hotel and in the rooms, which is often called the rack rate hotel deals and discounts. The rack rate is usually the highest rate the hotel would charge for the room, as it is often required by legal restrictions. There are usually many rates one can pay for a given night that are lower than the rack rate, and the value of the rate depends on a number of factors. Knowing how hotels set their offered rates can help you book your desired room cheaper.

Some of the factors that can influence the value of the rate:

  • Advance bookings – special, lower rates are often available when booking in advance.
  • Cancellability – most bookings can be cancelled until the night of the stay, so the hotel risks keeping the room for you and then you cancelling it at the last minute hotel deals and discounts.
  • Advance payment – you will usually pay for your hotel stay when checking out, but some attractive rates require you to pay in advance.
  • Seasonality – most destinations usually have a high season for tourism, when staying there is deemed more desirable, so the rates will be higher then. It is usually dependent on weather conditions.
  • Special events – hotel deals and discounts, There are also some happenings during the year, such as holidays, feasts or special events that may affect demand and rates.
Checking in and out

Hotel Checking In And Out

On arriving at the hotel, guests should check in, which means giving the front desk the details of the guests staying in a given room, referring to the booking, confirming rates and conditions, being assigned a room and receiving the key to the room. Checking out is done once a guest’s stay is completed. The front desk staff presents the charges incurred and guests settle the bill. The key to the room is returned to the front desk at that time.

Room types

Hotel Room Types With Hotel Deal And Discount

Within a single hotel many different rooms may be available:

  • Single rooms are for single travelers. In many hotels, a single room is actually the same as a double room.
  • Double rooms are for two travelers sleeping in the same bed.
  • Twin rooms have two separate single beds.
  • Triple rooms have either three separate beds, or a double bed plus a single bed.
  • Quads rooms are designed for 4 people or more.
  • Suites are complete apartments with multiple rooms, generally intended for longer stays.
  • Honeymoon suites or bridal suites are novelty rooms with oversize beds or whirlpool baths. Marketed to couples, these are often larger than standard rooms but are not multiple-room suites.
  • Efficiencies are rooms with kitchen or cooking facilities, permitting travelers to avoid costs of dining in restaurants.
Types of beds

Hotel Types Of Beds

The following terms are based on the North American standard for mattress sizes:

  • king bed (72–76 inches/183–193 cm wide) is nearly square; it provides more than ample room for two people, maybe three if they’re small or very friendly
  • queen bed (60 inches/154 cm wide) provides enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably
  • full-size bed or double bed (54 inches/137 cm wide) is like a small queen; two people will find it slightly cramped, while a single person will find it quite roomy
  • single bed or twin bed (38 inches/96.5 cm) is half the width of a king, only really suitable for one person.
Meal plan

Hotel Meal Plan

Hotels may additionally offer meal service included in the price hotel deals and discounts. Common terms include:

  • Continental breakfast. A limited morning selection of pastries, muffins, cereals, coffee or juice, usually offered by economy, limited service hotels where there is no restaurant or kitchen on-site to serve a hot meal.
  • Bed and breakfast. The morning meal is included. This may range considerably from a simple roll and coffee to an extensive buffet. The term may also be refer to smaller establishments which are an alternative to hotels.
  • Half board. A hotel rate that includes breakfast and one additional meal, typically dinner.
  • Full board. A hotel rate in which three meals a day are included in the price.
  • All-inclusive. All meals and most drinks are included.


Motels, motor hotels, motor inns or motor lodges are an inexpensive form of limited-service hotel which allow motorists direct access to their rooms from a car park; Hotel deals and discounts.

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Hotel Directory

Hotel Directory

Try searching for a country, city or a specific hotel and hotel deals and discounts. Travel to well-known cities across the world, and stay in a city center location. Our centrally located hotels are perfect for business trips, when every second counts to close a deal, or for a more relaxed sightseeing oriented mini break.

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Hotel Deal S In Europe

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