Flight Connection: Most of the time the benefit of traveling with a connecting flight relates to the privilege of traveling cheaper with a cheap flight. So what is a connecting flight? Connecting flights refer to those flights that require you to change your flight at different airports. For example, imagine you are flying with Emirates from Heathrow airport to Beijing in China. As Emirates doesn’t operate direct flights from London Heathrow to Beijing, you will need to depart the aircraft in Dubai and board a new Air China flight (or even connect to another Emirates connection flight) at Dubai International airport in order to get to your destination. In this case, your flight is called a connecting flight.

Flight Connection Must to Know Tips

  1. Look for the required time for flight Connections at the connecting airport. To eliminate the risk of losing your connecting flight you have to know the minimum time required for you to connect to another flight at the connecting airport. Each airline sets a minimum standard connecting time at each airport it serves, and post it on their websites. Usually, the minimum connection time for international flights is 3 hours at big airports. With each connecting flight you book as a single flight ticket, the airline’s system should automatically adjust the minimum time required at your connecting airport. In this case, for any reason that is not your fault if you miss your connecting flight, the airline has to put you on the next available flight with no other charges. Some of the minimum connecting times shown on the flight tickets are short for some big airports. In some cases, flights with connecting time as low as Thirty minutes or even less than an hour for domestic-to-domestic connections are still short for big international airports.
  2. Avoid flying with multiple separate flight tickets if you have to connect to another flight. Fly on a single flight ticket when you need to connect your flights. The benefit of having a single flight ticket when you have a flight connection in your itinerary is that it usually provides for checking baggage from origin to destination, including interline transfers.
  3. where possible fly with one airline or alliance on connecting flights where possible.

The benefit of Connecting Flights

If you want to have a flight connection you should have extra time available and be more flexible. Being flexible with the flight route you take, is another way to get a cheap flight. Most of the time it is cheaper to fly with connecting flights than taking a direct flight to your destination. Flying direct may sound great. But not always taking a direct flight is an option. If you do not mind to get to your final destination a few hours late, booking a connecting flight can be way cheaper than a non-stop direct flight. Travelradar search filters will let you filter flight itineraries by direct flight, 1 stop, 2 stops, 3 Stops, etc. At Travelradar we introduce connection flight under the “cheapest” flight Tab.