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Travelradar, formerly known as Zendegi, is Travel meta-search engine & Online Travel Agency rebranded and Launched in North America. If you have a travel company and are looking for an easy pathway to your online presence Click Here, we have a wide array of products and services to help your business get online and compete with worldwide brands.
Revolutionizing how travel resources are Searched and compared, Travel Radar provides travelers the power to search hundreds of travel agencies all in one place to find and book life-enriching experiences worldwide and get the information they need for making the right decision.
Travelradar works with over 12,000 online travel agencies to offer more than 2,000,000 Flights and Hotels in over 200 countries. Founded in 2020, Travelradar is headquartered in Seattle WA. and Vancouver BC. For information on Travelradar, visit or follow Travelradar on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.
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Travel Radar Launches In North America

Travelradar, rebranded from Zendegi, the leading travel meta-search engine and fare aggregator in the middle east with the main focus on European, Middle Eastern, and now North American travel resources has launched its North American service.


Is It A Good Idea To Make Winter Travel Plans?

 In a recent global survey of English-speaking markets by Travelradar, only 19% of those surveyed said that they wanted to travel between October and December this year, while 18% said they were optimistic about January to March 2021, and 34% reported they might travel after March next year.