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Get Easy Flight Refund

Turn Your Delayed Flights, Canceled Flights, Or Overbooked Flight Into Compensation Up To USD 700!

Claim Up To USD 700 Per Passenger On Any Flight In Case Of:

  • Delayed flight
  • Canceled flight
  • Denied boarding
  • Missed connection
Flights get delayed or canceled every now and then. To deal with it, simply submit an application for FREE, and our partner, Compensair, will take care of all the necessary paperwork to get you the compensation.

Know Your Rights

We will figure out the probability of receiving compensation and its amount.

We Assess Your Case

Our platform will assess your case and prepare the necessary documents for submission to the airline.

We Take Care Of The Negotiations

We will send all the necessary documents to the airline and take care of all the further communication

Delays And Cancellations Waste Your Valuable Time.

Sitting at airports, people watching, listening to my calm app has been all too familiar. The flow on effect to tours, accommodation, transfers, ships about to sail without you, I do know, it can hurt.

The industry plays its role, with some airlines not accountable to the level of customer service you expected. Largely its mechanical and weather issues which are unavoidable. Other times it is an unknown issue known only to themselves.

Options Available To You

What if the suffering caused by having to sit around, wait and rearrange all those plans could actually be worth more than the stress ramifications its caused, with financial benefits to yourself. It’s just not many people know about Compensair.

Eligibility Criteria

So, are you eligible for flight compensation?

Flight delay more than 3 hours

Flight cancellation

Denied boarding due to overbooking

Missed connection due to a delay of the first segment (you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours later than planned).

The only requirement is that your disrupted flight needed to have happened up to six years back, depending on the country of departure.

ie… within the EU (on any airline)

leaving the EU (on any airline)

or arriving into EU (on EU airline).

e, so the link stays.

Whats In It For Compensair

Compensair is there to help and can manage this for a 25 per cent success fee. NO RISK AT ALL – THEY WILL CHARGE YOU ONLY IN CASE OF SUCCESS.

So if this has happened to you and you are prepared to do something about it check out link on my sidebar. If it hasn’t happened to you yet it will do at some stage, so the link stays.

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